Senior Citizens Board

City Code 2-7-4: Powers and Duties

The board is empowered and directed:

(A) To govern, manage, control, improve and care for all land, buildings or other facilities owned or leased by the city for senior citizen purposes and secure the suitable use and enjoyment thereof by senior citizens.

(B) To oversee senior citizen programs and activities.

(C) To adopt rules and regulations to promote the purposes for which the board has been created.

(D) To acquire in the name of the city for senior citizen purposes by gift, devise, bequest or condemnation, either absolutely or in trust, money, real or personal property, or any right or privilege. Gifts to the city of money or other property, real or personal, either absolutely or in trust for senior citizen purposes shall be accepted only after they shall have been recommended by the board to the council and approved by the council by resolution. Subject to the approval of the council, the board may carry out every trust imposed upon the use of property or property rights by deed, testament or other conveyance transferring the title of such property to the city for senior citizen purposes.

(E) To recommend to the council the acquisition or disposition of senior citizen facilities within the city.

(F) To acquire and maintain such equipment as may be necessary to properly carry out its purposes and as its budget may permit.

(G) To promote senior citizen activities within the city as it may consider advisable and as its budget may permit.

City Code: Senior Citizens' Board 
  • Mickey Beam
  • Mary Deininger
  • Robin McLeish
  • Deb Hutchinson
  • Tom Kelly, Board President
  • Heidi Treuhardt, City Council Member
  • Tim Kubly
  • Ron Spielman
  • Cheryl Bystry