A Brief History
In the Late 1830's five men owned the land that would become the City of Monroe. One of those five men, William Russell, donated the parcel where the Senior Center now stands. He specified that the land should be used for school and seminary needs.

From 1844-1909 the land was home to the town cemetery. It was in 1910 that the site was designed for a training school for teachers. The bodies in the cemetery were exhumed and reburied in Green Wood Cemetery. A decade later the County built the Green County Normal School, a two-year teachers college. In 1967 this system was phased out, replaced by the new four-year teaching course. The school continued operation from 1967 to 1978 as a special education facility for mentally disadvantaged children. A new academic concept called "mainstreaming" brought about the closing of the building as a special education school.

Meanwhile in 1970, a man with much vision, Clifford Reasa, became the Mayor of Monroe. It was Cliff's vision for a Senior Center that started the wheels turning. He said, "We must build effective programs for enriching the lives of our Senior Citizens." In 1978 with Cliff's urging, the City of Monroe purchased the building from Green County and the Senior Center was born. The doors of the Cheese City Social Center opened for the first time in 1980. 

Fast forward to the present, Cliff's dream continues to grow and the Senior Center has expanded twice in the past 15 years. It now proudly serves 2300 seniors in Monroe and the surrounding area.