Downtown Parking
In addition to 386 on-street parking spots in and around the Historic Downtown district, the City of Monroe offers several convenient public parking lots near the district.  All public parking lots are FREE to park.  

1:Parking Lot:  80 Spots
2:Spring Square:  87 Spots
3:North Lot:  97 Spots
4:Armory Lot:  39 Spots
5:City Hall Lot:  27 Spots (Permit Parking Only During Business Hours)
Map here

Calendar Parking and Snow Removal
Calendar Parking regulations for the City of Monroe will begin at 12:01 AM on November 15th and will continue through March 31st.  Persons must park on the even side of streets and avenues on even numbered dates and the odd side on odd number dates.  This City ordinance is enforced from 12:00 am until 7:00 am each day.  Persons should park their vehicles at night on the side of the street or avenue that will be in effect after 12:00 am.  A quick method to determine if you live on the odd or even side is to look at your house address number, and then park accordingly.  Nearly all areas in the City are covered by these regulations, with the exception of the Downtown Square and two block in any direction of the Square.

The City also has areas, in the downtown and in the Smoky Row area, which are snow routes.  If there is a snowfall of more than two (2) inches, all vehicles must be removed from the street to allow for snow removal.  These areas are marked with signs indicating the snow route area.

Please contact the Monroe Police Department non-emergency line with any questions or concerns related to calendar parking.
Monroe Police Department Non-Emergency Number:  608-329-2400