Mayor Donna Douglas


Alder DouglasDonna Douglas
City Hall Address
1110 18th Avenue
Monroe, WI 53566

Mayor's Office:  (608) 329-2526
City Clerk's Office: (608) 329-2530
Fax: (608) 329-2561

Meetings By Appointment Only

The City of Monroe Mayor is elected for a two-year term in the annual spring election of even-numbered years. The Mayor is the presiding officer over all regular and special City Council meetings.

Mayor Douglas was elected in April of 2022.  She is currently in her first term as Mayor and upon taking office became Monroe's first female Mayor.

From the Mayor's Desk
"I am committed and dedicated to serving Monroe's citizens with the best interests of continued growth and development, with a bright and vibrant future." - Mayor Douglas

Issues Facing the City of Monroe
- Affordable housing for young families, single parents, those on fixed incomes, along with a need for upscale complexes with amenities, such is offered in larger cities
Economic Development - quality jobs, healthy workforce, growth opportunities
Zoning updates/enforcement of zoning ordinances/codes
- Guidance of Monroe's Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035
Build relationships across local units of government with:
>  Collaboration
>  Work collaboratively with individuals, families, businesses, and other entities
>  Community engagement and support to help move Monroe forward
 >  Build a relationship with the news media networks
 >  "Open door" policy - scheduled office hours in City Hall
Contact Information
The Mayor position is a part-time elected official. Mayor Douglas has an office in Monroe City Hall and is happy to meet with residents and interested parties upon request and appointment.

Please call the Mayor's office at 608-329-2526.  
Effective as of April 1998, the annual salary of the Mayor position is $6,400.00