Salary and Personnel Committee

City Code 2-12-4: Duties:
(A) The committee shall have the following duties:

(1) To annually establish and recommend to the council the salaries and wages for all employees of the city except employees under union contract.

(2) To establish work rules and personnel policies that govern those under their jurisdiction.

(3) To act as the bargaining unit on behalf of the city when negotiating all union contracts.

(4) To oversee and make recommendations to the council regarding insurance programs that are related to employee benefits and safety.

(B) The chairperson shall annually facilitate and coordinate each alderperson's performance review of the city administrator and to comprise one performance evaluation report to be sent to council for final approval.


  • Josh Binger, Chairperson
  • Lynne Hardy
  • Richard Thoman
  • Mary Jane Grenzow