Public Safety Committee

City Code 2-9-4 Duties.
The committee shall have the following duties:

(A) To make recommendations to the city administrator or other pertinent committees or boards regarding matters of public safety.

(B) To periodically review provisions of this code that are concerned with overall public safety, and make recommendations for appropriate additions or changes.

(C) To supervise the regulation of traffic and parking.

(D) To recommend to council the approval of certain purchases relative to police and fire matters.

(E) To recommend to council the approval of special event permits.

(F) To oversee the affairs and activities of the auxiliary police reserve appointed by the police chief.

(G) To oversee the management of parking facilities in the city, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) The management of all city parking control devices and systems.

(2) Make recommendations to the council on the management, location, and placement of all public parking stalls within the city.

(3) The coordination and control of other public parking within the city in conjunction with other committees, boards or commissions having authority over the same.

(4) Recommend to the council the establishment of such fees and charges for parking privileges in city parking lots or other parking facilities as it shall determine reasonable.

(5) Recommend to the council the adoption of such ordinances as will promote and assure the proper use of such parking facilities.

(6) Recommend to the council the number, size, and location of parking lots throughout the city.

City Code: Public Safety Committee

City of Monroe, Shared-ride Taxi Program: Debarment or Suspension of Service Policy and Appeal Procedure  (Approved July 8, 2019)


  • Andrew Kranig, Chairperson
  • Josh Binger
  • Chris Schindler
  • Tom Miller