Board of Public Works

City Code 2-1-5 Duties and powers.

(A) In general. It shall be the duty of the board, subject to the direction of the council, to superintend all public works and keep the streets, alleys, parking facilities, sewers and public works and places in repair.

(B) Use of streets. No building shall be moved through the streets without a written permit therefor, granted by the board. The board shall determine the time and manner of using the streets for laying or changing water or gas pipes, or placing and maintaining electric light and telephone poles; provided, that its decision in this regard may be reviewed by the council.

(C) Restoring streets. If any individual or entity shall neglect to repair or restore to its former condition any street, alley or sidewalk excavated, altered or taken up, within the time and in the manner directed by the board, said board shall cause the same to be done at the expense of said individual or entity. The expense thereof when chargeable to a lot owner shall be certified to the city clerk by the board and if not paid, shall be carried into the tax roll as a special tax against the lot.

(D) City Forester. To supervise the work of a city forester who shall have the responsibility to maintain a long term forestry program for the propagation and preservation of trees and shrubs within the city.

City Code: Board of Public Works


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