Well Abandonment / Water Quality

Well Abandonment 
The City of Monroe is required to monitor all private water wells within the City of Monroe. Unused wells must be abandoned according to city ordinance section 8-4-10. Only those homeowners with wells for which a well operation permit and a safe certified bac-t sample have been submitted and the $10.00 permit fee has been paid shall be allowed to operate a private well. All others must be abandoned immediately. Permits are to be submitted by November 1st of every year. Any questions please contact the Monroe Water Utility. 

Water Quality 
If you have questions regarding water quality, contact the Water Utility Office at (608) 329-2480. Water quality issues could involve odor, taste, water pressure, flow rate and/or materials in water. The Water Utility tests the water continuously to ensure that it is safe and meets or exceeds all state, local and federal requirements. The most recent Water Quality report on this site contains more information about drinking water quality.