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Michael Kennison
Utilities Supervisor

Renee Weaver
Utilities Budget & Finance Manager

Kristin Ladwig
Utilities Admin. Support

1224 10th Ave W.
Monroe, WI  53566

Phone: (608) 329-2480
Fax: (608) 329-2597

The City of Monroe water supply dates back to the early 1880’s when a local family around Monroe owned it. In 1906 the City of Monroe purchased the system for around $85,000 and today total assets have climbed to over $9,000,000.  The Monroe Water Utility is now a separate enterprise fund of the City of Monroe. The Utility provides water treatment, distribution, and metering services to properties within the City. 

The Water Utility is self-funded, which means it receives no tax dollars to support its system and operates under the rates and tariff established by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC). The accounting records of the Water Utility are maintained in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts prescribed by the PSC.

The Water Utility also operates and maintains 5 wells, 2 elevated towers, booster station, and distribution system. Water is pumped from the aquifers via 5 well pumps, then boosted to the elevated tower, where water enters the distribution system, and flows into two zones of pressure throughout the City. The distribution system components include 70 miles of piping, over 4,500 water meters, service valves, 1,000 mainline valves, 600 fire hydrants, and 5 ground storage tanks that hold 900,000 gallons in reserve. 

The State Department of Natural Resources requires the City to disinfect its water with chlorine and has to maintain a chlorine residual at all times. In addition to chlorine the City adds fluoride to its water to promote healthy bones and teeth.

If emergency work is needed after hours, please call the operator on call number:  (608) 558-4947. 

Operator overtime charges may be billed to customer depending on problem. 

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  • Delivery of potable drinking water satisfying the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and federal regulators.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Utility’s wells, pumps, distribution system, elevated storage tanks, and booster stations.
  • Adequate fire flows within those portions of the community served by the Water Utility.
  • Reading, maintenance and replacement of meters.
  • Quarterly billing of water service

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