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Michael Kennison
Utilities Supervisor

Renee Weaver
Utilities Budget & Finance Manager

Kristin Ladwig
Utilities Admin. Support

1224 10th Ave W.
Monroe, WI  53566

Phone: (608) 329-2590
Fax: (608) 329-2597

The Monroe Wastewater Utility is responsible for the operations, maintenance and replacement of the lift stations, sanitary sewer system and wastewater treatment facilities. The Wastewater Utility consists of six full-time employees. The facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

City wastewater operators are on call and can be reached 24 hours a day by contacting the operator on call number at 608-558-0446. If you are calling after office hours to report a sewer backup emergency at your home, please contact the operator on call number prior to contacting a contractor or plumber.

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The Monroe Wastewater Utility is an enterprise fund of the City of Monroe. The Utility provides wastewater collection and treatment services to approximately 4,400 properties within the City. Financial accounting for the Utility is managed by the Utilities Finance and Budget Manager.

The Wastewater Utility operates under the environmental regulations of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and service rules of the Monroe Common Council. Utility rates are established by the City of Monroe.

The Utility operates and maintains the waste treatment plant, and conveyance system. The plant can process up to 3.7 million gallons of waste water each day, treat 15,000 pounds of Bio-chemical Oxygen Demand, and 7,600 pounds of Total Suspended Solids. As it returns water to Honey Creek, it is consistently cleaner than the creek water itself. 

Over the years, the City of Monroe has made several improvements to its Wastewater Treatment Facility. During 1984, the City of Monroe upgraded to an Advanced Secondary Treatment Facility. In 1991, a 1,500,000 gallon equalization facility was added. During 1999, a Chemical Phosphorus Removal System was added. Between 2013 and 2015, the Wastewater Treatment Facility underwent a massive upgrade. The upgrade was needed to rehabilitate the plant processes, as the capacity and ability to treat the loadings surpassed the plant's design.

The collection system is made up of 5 lift stations, and approximately 70 miles, or 370,000 feet of pipe. The majority of the collection system piping is 6” pipe. The aging infrastructure is the largest concern for reinvestment. Any improvements made in to the collection system will ultimately ease the demand on the pumps, processes, and the plant. 

Products & Services 
• Collection of wastewater from properties served within the City of Monroe.
• Treatment of wastewater collected.
• Treatment of hauled in waste
• Land application of bio-solids

Sanitary Sewer Back-Up Scope of Services

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