Sewer Backups

Report a Sewer Backup
The City of Monroe's Wastewater Treatment Facility has personnel on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you experience a sewer backup in your basement, notify the Wastewater Treatment Facility immediately at (608) 329-2590 if during normal business hours. If you experience a backup in your basement after hours, please contact the operator on call at (608) 558-0446. The wastewater operators will jet the sewer mains and notify your of the condition. If they do not find a problem in the city's sewer mains, they will notify you to contact a plumber of your choice. Following this procedure may save you the unnecessary cost of a plumber's call.

It is strongly advised that you check with your insurance company to see if you have coverage for sewer backups because in most cases, the City of Monroe is not negligent and will not cover any damages to your building.

Backwater Valves
In most cases, a backwater valve can be installed into your sewer pipe to keep reverse flow from coming into your structure. They are not required by code in Monroe, but can help to prevent damages. The valve must be accessible for service and repairs. A City Building Permit is required, and a licensed plumber must do the work. For more information on the installation of backwater valves, please call the building inspector's office at (608) 329-2518.