Minimum Property Maintenance Standards

Applies to ALL buildings, structures, yards and vacant areas

The purpose of having minimum property maintenance standards is to recognize the private and public benefits resulting from the safe, sanitary and attractive maintenance of residential and nonresidential buildings, structures, yards, and vacant areas. Attractive and well maintained property will enhance the neighborhood and city and provide a suitable environment for increasing physical and monetary values.

Minimum Requirements 
Every owner and operator shall improve and maintain all property under its control to comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • All improvements and other surfaces shall be constructed or graded in a manner that diverts water away from buildings.
  • Every foundation, floor, wall, ceiling and roof shall be reasonably weathertight, watertight, rodent-proof, capable of affording privacy, and shall be kept in proper repair. Any sagging or bulging shall be properly repaired to a level or plumb position. Interior walls and ceilings shall provide a suitable base for decorative finish, and shall not have noticeable surface irregularities or cracking. Interior walls and ceilings shall have a hard, waterproof surface in spaces subject to moisture. Floor surfacing shall provide ease of maintenance and durability appropriate for the use of the room. 
  • Every window, exterior door and basement hatchway shall be reasonably weathertight, watertight and rodent-proof, and shall be kept in proper working condition and repair. 
  • Every interior and exterior stair, porch, railing, and related accessory shall be constructed so as to be safe to use and capable of supporting the load that normal use may place on it. Each such item shall be kept in proper condition and repair, and shall present an attractive appearance. 
  • Every plumbing fixture and water and waste pipe shall be properly maintained in good working condition, free from defect, leaks and obstructions. 
  • The floor surface of every water closet and bathroom shall be properly maintained so as to be reasonably impervious to water and so as to permit such floor to be easily kept in a clean and sanitary condition. 
  • Every supplied facility, piece of equipment or utility which is required by this code shall be maintained in proper working condition. 
  • No owner, operator or occupant shall cause any service, facility, equipment or utility required by this code to be removed, shut off, or discontinued for any occupied dwelling, dwelling unit or lodging room, except for temporary interruption necessary while repairs are in process, or during emergencies when discontinuance of service is approved by an authorized inspector. 
  • All exterior property shall be kept free from weeds, and all grass areas shall be kept mowed to a height of not more than six inches. 
  • All exterior property shall be properly maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free from brush, severed tree limbs, rubbish or garbage, physical hazards, rodent harborage and infestation and junked or discarded property, including, without limitation, refrigerators, furnaces, washing machines, stoves, machinery or machinery parts, wood, bricks, cement blocks or other unsightly material or debris. 
  • No person shall do the following on exterior property that is part of any lot in the A-1, A-2, R-1, R-2 or R-3 zoning districts: 
    • Park or leave standing a vehicle on other than a paved or graveled surface. 
    • Park or leave standing a semitrailer. This subsection shall not preclude placement of a semitrailer that has been expressly authorized in a permit issued by the City. 
    • Occupy or allow to be occupied for a period exceeding 48 hours any space in a vehicle for the purpose of living, sleeping, cooking or eating therein. 
    • Park or leave standing a vehicle if any part of such vehicle is not located on or over a paved or graveled surface. This subsection shall not preclude placement of a vehicle that has been expressly authorized in a permit issued by the City. 
    • Place or allow to be placed on such lot for more than 30 consecutive days a container that is designed or used for the disposal of solid or liquid waste, other than a container obtained from the City and used to contain solid waste that is picked up as part of a City-run solid waste disposal service. Notwithstanding the foregoing a container used exclusively for disposal of materials related to the construction or demolition of a structure or other facility for which a building permit has been issued may remain on such lot for term of such permit. 
    • Leave standing any vehicle parts. 
    • Allow an inoperative motor vehicle to remain on such lot for more than 30 consecutive days. 
    • Fences, other minor construction, walks and paved or graveled surfaces shall be properly maintained in a safe, sanitary and substantial condition. 
    • Exterior surfaces of buildings that are not inherently resistant to deterioration shall be periodically treated with a protective coating of paint or other suitable preservative which will provide adequate resistance to weathering and maintain an attractive appearance. 
    • Landscaping, plantings and other decorative surface treatments shall be installed as necessary and maintained to present an attractive appearance in all court and yard areas. Plantings shall be maintained so as not to present hazards to adjoining properties or to persons or vehicles traveling on public ways and shall be maintained so as to enhance the appearance and value of the neighborhood and the City.