Housing is a fundamental need for all people. It's essential for one to feel secure, be healthy, be part of a community, and have self-worth. When one has quality housing, they are able to focus on fulfilling desires in their life like raising a family, gaining an education, progressing in their career, artistic expression, and more. For these reasons, the quality and availability of diverse housing options is a top priority for Monroe, including low-income and emergency housing.

Monroe's Vision:
A diverse inventory of energy efficient and economical housing options that satisfy the needs of an aging community and attract the youth of tomorrow, across a wide spectrum of income levels.

Studies and Plans
Monroe Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035: Housing Element - In 2015 the community of Monroe undertook an update to its Comprehensive Plan. This document identifies the vision, goals, objectives and strategies identified to be addressed as it relates to housing.

More information on Monroe's Comprehensive Plan.

Housing Study and Needs Assessment 2016 - Following the Comprehensive Plan's completion. One of the most important goals identified to be addressed was to simply learn more about the existing nature of Monroe's housing. This study identified further information and states further goals and objectives to be addressed.

Homeowner Resources
Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program, Inc. - Offers several programs to aid and assist residents within southwest Wisconsin counties. Programs include home rehabilitation and purchasing assistance