Pool Policies

Pool Rules & Regulations
We are committed to making each visit to the Monroe Pool safe and pleasant. Please review our rules & regulations before entering the pool:

  1. Children seven & under must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over 12 years old in the water (within arms reach) or on deck at all times.
  2. No diving in any area of the pool except the diving well.
  3. Patrons MUST take the deep water test to use the diving board or swim in the deep end.
  4. No horseplay, running, shoving or dunking. Behavior that endangers the safety and well being of yourself and/or other patrons will not be allowed.
  5. Profane language is not allowed.
  6. All patrons must shower before entering the pool and after using the restroom facilities.
  7. Patrons having diarrhea, contagious or infectious health conditions and/or open wounds will not be allowed in the pool.
  8. Patrons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed in the pool.
  9. All patrons must wear appropriate swim attire. No cut-off shorts, gym shorts, blue jeans, clothing with rivets, buttons and/or zippers allowed.
  10. Patrons who are not toilet-trained are required to wear swim diapers in addition to a swim suit. They may be purchased at the front desk.
  11. Animals are not permitted in the pool area unless service animal.
  12. Food, drink, gum and tobacco products are not permitted on the pool deck
  13. Glass containers are not permitted in the facility.
  14. Absolutely no swimming without lifeguards on duty.
  15. All patrons must follow the directives of and be respectful of the pool staff on duty. Failure to do so will result in the patron being asked to leave.
  16. We are a “family friendly” facility, please refrain from public affection.
  17. For Toy Night, toy rafts should not be longer than 5 feet in length.

Diving Board & Slide Rules
Patrons must take the deep water test prior to using the diving board. A diving test will be given each day at 2:00pm break.

  1. One person on the diving board at a time.
  2. Patrons using the board must clear the water as quickly as possible.
  3. Patrons on the board must wait for water to be clear.
  4. Dive only from the front of the board.
  5. Patrons may bounce once per use.
  6. Dives must be forward facing only.
  7. No throwing objects down the slide or off boards.
  8. A rider must be 48” tall.
  9. If under 48”, they must be able to swim 10 yards unassisted.

Wading Pool Rules
Our wading pool happily welcomes swimmers who are:

  • 7 years of age or younger
  • Wearing a swim diaper if not potty trained
  • Playing safely in and around the wading pool
  • At all times, is under the supervision of a parent or qualified babysitter who is 12 years old or older
  • Social distance themselves and other

As much as we dislike to close the pool, sometimes we must if weather or low attendance dictates the situation.
The following conditions will result in closing the pool:

  • On deck temperature of 65° or less and/or inclement weather is forecasted
  • If above 65° and low attendance for first hour, the pool will close early.
  • Sections of the pool such as the water slide or diving well may close if it has low attendance.
  • Pool will close for 30 minutes any time we hear thunder or see lightning.

COVID Precautions for the Pool:

  • Again this year at the pool, our lifeguards will be disinfecting bathrooms and high contact points multiple times each day.
  • Lockers will not be available during open swim times
  • Bathrooms are available at anytime unless disinfecting.
  • Disinfecting happens the last 15 minutes of open swim.
  • We will not save lost and found items.
  • Locker rooms are available during lessons.
  • Swimmers will leave wet & exit through the north gate.
  • Patrons must bring their own chairs.
  • Masks are recommended as you enter and exit the pool.
  • Guards and Pool Staff will be wearing masks.
  • There will be vending machines in the Concession area.
  • The slide and diving will be open this summer.
  • Social distancing is required as you wait for the slide or diving board.
  • Please bring exact cash for daily swimming.
  • Swimmers will be asked to social distance themselves.
  • Sign up on Sign up Genius is only needed for the 1:00pm swim time in June and July only.
  • Adult hour and wading pool parents don’t need to sign up.
  • Swimmers do not need to sign up for 3pm or 6pm swim time
  • Swimmers will not be limited to one afternoon open swim spot each day (for example, patrons may sign up for the 1pm time, and will be allowed to re-enter the pool at 3pm if they want).