Twining Park 011Shelter House Reservations
The following shelters are available for rent: 
  • Three at Twining Park
  • Two at Recreation Park
  • One each at Lincoln, Northeast, Honey Creek Park, and Sunset West Park

View available parks and shelters and their amenities.

The cost to reserve a shelter is: Twining South Shelter Weekday: $75, Weekend: $175.
All other Shelters with restrooms = $100, Shelter without restrooms = $75, Shelter weekday rental = $50.

Special event permit required for: Groups of 200 people, groups bringing in an outside attraction such as a dunk tank or inflatable, events open to the general public, groups charging admission, collecting donations, selling anything or if the event is a fundraiser. These groups will need to see the city clerk for a special event permit which costs $25 and must be approved by the Board of Parks and Recreation and the City Council. This may take more than 30 days, so please plan accordingly.

Those reserving a shelter house may also request a beer permit, enabling users of the facility to have beer for their groups’ use. The beer must remain in the shelter house or within the general area. Please do not bring glass bottles.

Once a shelter has been reserved, a full refund will be granted if your cancellation is 60 days in advance. If you cancel less than 60 days in advance you will receive a full refund only if another group reserves the shelter. In case of inclement weather, refunds will not be given.

Non-Profit Guidelines
Non-Profit organizations may rent shelters or Community Center Monday - Thursday with our request for a $25-$50 donation/fee.   When non-profits rent Friday - Sunday, regular rates apply.

Rental Information
The shelters in the park system are on first come, first serve basis. To rent a shelter, full payment to Monroe Parks and Recreation is due at the time of booking to secure your date. We do not take reservations over the phone, however, if you are interested in a date or shelter, call (608) 329-2460 to check on availability. The person responsible must go over the rules and regulations of the permit with the Parks and Recreation Administrative Secretary. The City of Monroe functions or meetings will have first priority. 

Problems at Shelter
Please don’t hesitate to call the Police Department if you have any problems at all. They will call the Parks Department person who is on call to assist you with any problems such as electrical, lights not working, restrooms not open or clean, etc. The parks and shelters are scheduled for cleaning every morning. On the weekend, this may not be completed until 10:30 am. If your shelter is not clean after this time, please contact the police department. Non-emergency police number (608) 329-2400 and press #0.

Electrical Outlets
When using electrical outlets, please use common sense, as they are not designed to handle everything from one set of outlets. We suggest plugging your electric cookware items throughout the shelter rather than in one area. This will help prevent the breakers from tripping.

Please Note: The renter agrees to exercise due care in the preservation of the premises and to prevent loitering and presence of unauthorized persons during all usage periods. The renter hereby agrees to remit the rental fee and be held responsible for any and all damage to persons, property and premises.