Fire Inspection Process and Regulations


All business buildings* in the city may be inspected for the purpose of determining the general character of the premises with respect to the disposition of debris, rubbish, wastepaper, rags, oils, waste, explosives and all kinds of inflammable material – and the means of access from one part of the building to another. They may inspect any building in the city for the purpose of ascertaining if any danger from fire exists by reason of defective chimneys, flues, stoves, ovens, furnaces, boilers, electric wiring, ash houses and receptacles or by reason of any cause.

The following are the requirements that must be met when inspected:

  • All parts of business buildings shall be cleaned daily and kept free from all inflammable waste material except that combustible material not in actual use may be neatly arranged in a manner to provide passageways and aisles for the convenient movement of the fire department force.
  • All doors and openings, external and internal, in all business buildings shall be kept free from goods of any kind, and means of access and free movement shall be provided for the convenient work of the fire department.
  • There shall be no waste rubbish, waste excelsior, waste shavings, wastepaper or other like inflammable materials left in any part of the business buildings over one day except that such materials may be stored within a fireproof room provided with standard fireproof doors and all material of such character shall be destroyed, removed or placed within such fireproof room at the close of each day.
  • Have to change any violations after an inspection within 48 hours.
*“Business Buildings” include Hotels, lodging houses, stores, office buildings, warehouses, mills, breweries, factories and public buildings.
Fire Regulations

Any new construction has to be approved by the fire inspectors prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Any building or structure having on-site 24-hour security personnel may be exempted from the requirements of this chapter by the fire chief. Please contact City of Monroe Fire Department for code applicability and to learn about the process at (608) 329-2575.

Some buildings must have Rapid Entry Key Lock Box, which is defined as a high security key vault master keyed to the key configuration provided by the Monroe Fire Department. The buildings that must have Rapid Entry Key Lock Box are: all multi-family structures, all buildings or structures having floors at or above 50 feet, and all commercial and industrial buildings.

There are keys that are required to have on hand at all times. These keys are for: common lobbies or vestibules, common hallways, rooms or spaces housing mechanical equipment serving the structure, and alarm panels for any fire or entry alarm system.


Additional keys for individual spaces within the structure are permitted. These keys must be kept in a Rapid Entry Key Lock Box and organized in a manner approved by the fire chief.

Source: Monroe City Code Title 7 Chapter 1